Success Story

“Best of luck to you Ms. Smalls!”

    We would like to celebrate the success of Ms. Loretta Smalls at Jolley Acres! Ms. Smalls was admitted to Jolley Acres due to a cerebrovascular attack and epilepsy with dementia. After a 2-week hospital stay, Mrs. Smalls presented to us with decreased mobility, unable to perform daily tasks, and overall endurance with standing.

    Ms. Smalls received services from physical, occupational, and speech therapy to increase strength/endurance, cognition, and daily tasks. After several weeks of intense therapy, Ms. Smalls was able to increase her strength and was able to navigate through out the facility with a rolling walker, and required minimal assistance with daily tasks. She stayed motivated throughout and did not allow her setbacks to slow her down!

    Ms. Smalls has now returned home with her daughter where he continues to thrive. We are very proud and of her and will continue to cheer her on at Jolley Acres!